MARCH 29, 2019




With her last two releases, iLana has set the streaming scene on fire, generating a strong monthly listenership of 30k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, with features on notable editorial playlists like Spotify's Pop Chillout, along with algorithmic playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly.


In a time where the idea of the traditional record deal seems to be breaking down, iLana is releasing music through her own entertainment company.  iLana has taken control of her career and is blazing a trail for female pop artists to do things THEIR WAY!


“I grew up hearing horror stories about contracts in the music industry, like how my idols from the group TLC got screwed out of a bunch of money.  I vowed I would never let that happen to me. I got my degree in music business from FAU and started my own entertainment company.    Nowadays, about 1 out of 20 artists that get signed to majors end up being shelved. I know I can do this my way and maintain creative control. I release what I want when I want and it is so empowering”


Now, after the release of two singles, iLana Armida returns with “Good Together,” a mellowed out electro-pop tune that is her most emotional yet.  “I walked into the studio with this concept in mind: my boyfriend at the time and I were probably not great for each other. We would influence each other’s actions, say drinking too much for example; this song is about acknowledging the fact that we probably are not going to last forever, but damn it if we don’t look good together.”


iLana brought the concept to life alongside writer/producers Allen Mattox, A Tripp and Nick Warner. “Good Together”, unlike her previous releases, showcases a more emotional and raw side of iLana.


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